Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Harrison and school

So we are 11 days into the school year and Harrison asks me when is summer vacation. Too much "Phineas and Ferb" this summer I guess. Actually he is settling in very well. His course of study right now is about Egypt. He was especially excited to take his dad's pictures of the Great Pyramids to school, as well as some Egyptian money. I think it made him the most popular kid in class. I guess we have the military to thank for something.
The other thing Harrison loves about school is his teacher, Mrs. Vinchattle. Yesterday at dinner he asked, "Mom, did you see Mrs. Vinchattle today?" and I said "Yes, when I dropped you off". He then said, "Didn't she look beautiful". My little guy has his first crush, and on his teacher no less. Who can blame him? She is all of 25 or 26 and cute as a button. Hopefully she doesn't break his heart.

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Valeri said...

That's hilarious! I loved reading this! Glad Harrison is liking school more, though it always helps when your teacher is good looking. :) Chloe sure misses seeing him during the day. She actually included him in her blessing on the food tonight. No joke!