Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Harrison and school

So we are 11 days into the school year and Harrison asks me when is summer vacation. Too much "Phineas and Ferb" this summer I guess. Actually he is settling in very well. His course of study right now is about Egypt. He was especially excited to take his dad's pictures of the Great Pyramids to school, as well as some Egyptian money. I think it made him the most popular kid in class. I guess we have the military to thank for something.
The other thing Harrison loves about school is his teacher, Mrs. Vinchattle. Yesterday at dinner he asked, "Mom, did you see Mrs. Vinchattle today?" and I said "Yes, when I dropped you off". He then said, "Didn't she look beautiful". My little guy has his first crush, and on his teacher no less. Who can blame him? She is all of 25 or 26 and cute as a button. Hopefully she doesn't break his heart.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

OK, it's just for fun.

Okay, so here's a video of Lasson. It's just for the fun of seeing him bounce, nothing more, nothing less.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lull before the Storm

After having an incredibly busy summer I feel we've reached a short period of quiet time for our family. T-Ball . . .Done. Camping . . .Done. Mom's surgery . . .Done. Adoption Training . . .Done. School supplies . . .Done. School uniforms . . .Done. I'm sure the fall will bring new challenges and again some busy schedules that come with having two boys. I just feel that for moment we can take a deep breath and relax for a moment.

The event that lurks on the horizon has me avoiding thinking about it. My constant companion, day in and day out, for the last five years is going to school! I can't believe that he can possibly be that old. As I have been shopping for uniforms, shoes and supplies I had epiphany that as much as I have looked forward to a little more time to myself, I will really miss him. He's is so bright and funny. I can't imagine a morning without the question: "Mom, what are we going to do fun today?". And though I often felt like a cruise director looking for just the right activity to keep a preschooler amused, I looked forward to all the hugs, kisses and thank yous that come with the job title of Mom.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

T-Ball Time

For the first time so far we had perfect baseball weather. It was warm and you didn't need a blanket and coat to be comfortable. The little boys, who could barely sit still on the bench for 30 seconds a week ago, were sitting in their batting order and almost keeping their hands to themselves. The biggest improvement came when a ball was batted only three or four kids went after it rather than the whole team. They are actually throwing the ball toward a base, though no one can really catch them yet. All I know is that they are darling to watch.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lasson's Quilt

I just finished Lasson's quilt. I just love the modern approach mixed with the vintage feel fabrics. Each row is quilted slightly different and it has a scrappy backing. I was at loss for a long time for a pattern, so I made one up that suited the fabrics.
Harrison was asking all about who Dick and Jane were and why they are on Lasson's quilt. I had to explain that it was the books I learned to read with. I think I was probably the last generation to learn to read with them. The end of an era and then we were on to Sesame Street and Phonics, but I still love the innocence of those pictures and wondering what trouble Sally, Spot or Puff could get up to.

Father's Day Treats

Father's Day at our house was spent relaxing and enjoying each other. We cooked for the men in our lives a manly meal that involved hunks of meat and a BBQ. I just want my honey to know what a great Daddy he is. Since we struggled to have our two boys I know that he cherishes it the opportunity even more. As good of father as he is, he is an even better husband. I don't tell him enough that he has been supportive and loving through all the tough times we've had this last year, as well as the fifteen years that are behind us. I'm sure he'll continue for the next fifteen too.

The boys most enjoyed the ice cream treats after our dinner. I can't seen to get enough photos of those two boys. Each day that passes brings a new challenge or accomplishment, but they are growing to be strong young boys who love the Lord, their families and each other unconditionally.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Okay, so I'm a lousy blogger, but I'll try to do better. I have to post pictures of my cuties. Harrison is obsessed with Indians right now, so we had to face paint. He directed the whole process and even showed me the picture in a library book. He even wants to be bare chested. I'm not sure if they all wore jeans back then, but at least he didn't request a loin cloth!